About Us

Founded by Jeanine MacKenzie in 2019, BeachGrass Topicals is a woman owned and women led wholesale product manufacturer of THC and CBD infused topical products. As a cannabis wholesale product manufacturer, BeachGrass Topicals will sell products to cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts.

BeachGrass Topicals was founded on Jeanine’s personal positive experience with cannabis infused topicals. A few years back, she was affected by severe arthritis in her feet to the point that it was painful to walk. Already a medical dispensary patient, she tried a THC infused topical product which delivered far superior relief than anything she had tried. As Jeanine purchased infused topicals more regularly, she noticed a lack of products that were made with organic or skin friendly ingredients so she started making her own 100% organic topicals products. After strong interest and encouragement from family, friends and dispensaries, she saw an opportunity to build a business founded on personal experience and passion that would address an unmet need in the community of skin loving, organic, cannabis infused topical products.

BeachGrass Topicals’ mission is to enhance the cannabis infused topicals experience by creating skin loving topicals made with only the highest quality, thoughtfully sourced 100% organic ingredients.

BeachGrass Topicals is located in Wareham, MA, the gateway to Cape Cod, which is where Jeanine was born and raised. She is thrilled to be able to manufacture a product she believes in passionately right in her home town. BeachGrass Topicals’ roots run deep in Wareham. Jeanine and the whole BeachGrass team couldn’t be happier to be a part of the community!

For a more in depth look at BeachGrass Topicals, check out the interview with the founder, Jeanine MacKenzie, on the Cannabis on Cape Cod website.

Mass License# MB281797